Not while we’re serving on the same ship, my ass!  (Phantasms, Season 7)

He must take classes or something. (Parallels, Season 7)

The grin on his face says it all. (Manhunt, Season 2)

I thought about making a shirt that said that on it.  (Inside Man, Voyager Season 7)

For those who haven’t seen the episode:

One last pic before I go.

(Deja Q, Season 3)

I can’t listen to “Womanizer” without thinking about Riker.  The song fits him perfectly. If you doubt me watch this:

That’s all for now. I have some mushy and sentimental ones as well as the usual crazy stuff for next week.

All posters were created on an iphone/ipod touch app called Success its lite (it’s free). It can be found in the itunes app store. If you would like to use any of these, I don’t mind as long as you credit me for making them.