It’s kinda hard not to stare at them when she wears that dress.  (Captain’s Holiday, Season 3)

Run for cover! (Power Play, Season 5)

She decided it was taking too long for them to do it on their own (Best of Both Worlds Pt. 1, Season 3)

I wonder how many people complained that the table was in the way.  (Inside Man, Voy Season 7)

Next week: some Imzadi, Picard/Crusher, First Contact, and another jab at the fail that was the Worf/Troi pairing

All posters were created on an iphone/ipod touch app called Success It’s (only .99, there is also a lite version that is free). It can be found in the iTunes app store. If you would like to use any of these, I don’t mind as long as you credit me for making them. You can follow me on Twitter.